dimanche 1 novembre 2009


Dessin d'Alair à partir de la photo de Purple Cat ("Jack-ohhhhh"), repris dans une composition de Purple Cat ("Oh mon Jack").

Plus de photos d'Halloween 2008 et 2009 sont visibles sur et sur

mardi 20 octobre 2009

To Get Into the Halloween Spirit!

Des photos inédites d'Halloween 2008, histoire de se mettre dans l'ambiance. Happy Halloween! A vos citrouilles!!!
Pour voir la série Halloween 2008, rendez-vous sur dans la galerie "Derwinn et Jack"

mercredi 14 octobre 2009

Liberté baillonnée opus 2 collaboration avec le dessinateur Alair

A photograph of Derwinn by Purple Cat which inspired a drawing

by Alair (

with two sketches to show you the stages of his creation.

I also want to share with you the text that my model, Derwinn Green ( wrote after the session:


I can think of no better way to write about freedom than to sit down, close my eyes and just let go. This simple act is the freedom of expression. But is it really freedom of expression if no one is witnessing it? Of course it is. I am. I am a person. I am a spirit much like you. And I am a human being.
There are many forms of freedom and there are many forms of prisons. One prison that I can literally say we all fall victim to, at one time or another, are eyes. What I mean by this is that we allow ‘the eyes’ of others to be our prison, a prison that hinders our freedom. When, in fact, instead of allowing the eyes of others to be our prison, we could very well use the eyes of others to be our push towards freedom. I am an artist. A visual artist. A freedom artist. By that I mean that I am an artist of many different forms. There is no theory behind what I do. I simply express with my body--through pose, through movement, through speech and through stillness. This is my art. My freedom.
Expression is the one quality that binds us all. Silence and stillness are also forms of expression. Shouting is a form of expression. Whispering is a form of expression. And visually, how we use the body is a form of expression. I chose to use my body in this series as my way to express the irony of freedom. My creation of photos that ordinarily people might consider daring or risqué is my freedom of expression. I execute this freedom not with the intention to imitate or mock, but to draw parallels and create discourse. Imitation is not and has never been my motive. I, as an artist, am moved by different states. And no state can ever truly be replicated. These photos represent the fine line between freedom and confinement. The rope represents the eyes. The prison. For what are we as people if we cannot and do not express ourselves? Ask yourself: What is my prison?
The creative process may be complicated or simple, but in freedom art, it comes and goes. When the session is finished, I am finished. And we, the photographer and I, move onto another state, another series. The camera is my medium. And You, your eyes, are not my prison. You are my public. I embrace you with Freedom.